Self Reflection And Evaluation

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Lesson Plan Self-reflection and Evaluation

A self-evaluation is a powerful tool that always helped me to strive to become a better teacher.

Reflecting on and evaluating my teaching after a lesson was done, gave me insights that saved me lots of trouble and time throughout my teaching career. Even a few brief evaluative notes on a lesson plan helped me immensely the next time I had to teach that lesson.

In the rush of teaching, and due to time constraints, I was sometimes tempted to skip self-evaluation. There were always plenty of other pressing things that needed to be done. I knew that if I didn't evaluate myself, that I will be the loser. I was very surprised how much I forgot because I didn’t write my ideas down. Also, I ended up
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Also, some of my students were never before educated in English. I had to provide the expectations and structure for my classroom myself. I had to let students know what expectations I had and what consequences I was willing to enforce when the students did not follow my guidelines. I learned that an exciting lesson plan wasn’t enough to hold their attention, although it is a good start. For one thing, it’s very hard to be exciting every day. Because I wasn’t going to be able to maintain their attention by creating a fun lesson plan and exciting learning experience, I needed to develop skills in managing their behavior and focusing their attention. Beyond just planning the lesson, I needed to anticipate a challenge to the day’s learning agenda and plan my own response to these challenges. I needed to do more than just present my lessons. I had to plan how I wanted the class period to go, what I wanted each student to do, when, and what my responses were going to be in order to obtain the desired learning environment. Once I realized that I needed to put some structure in place, I made adjustments to my teaching to do …show more content…
It is hard to imagine, now, what issues will come up, and they will depend on so many factors, such as where I teach, what classes I teach, the school schedule, etc. What I can be sure of is that I will need to reflectively adjust my teaching and classroom management to fit the new conditions I am teaching in. I will decide on adjustments with the help of colleagues at my school, as well as suggestions from books. Each year, as the students change, and the courses I teach change, I will need to continue to evaluate and adjust my teaching. I realize that there are many students who face special challenges in learning. As I continue to teach, I hope to become more of an expert in the specific strategies that help those who struggle to learn. I will need to read and research the problems that I encounter, but over time I will improve my effectiveness in helping students to learn. There are students who I wish I could have helped more over the past 5 years working at Sahmyook Elementary School, Wonju, and by focusing some of my energies on learning I will be a better teacher to those students in the

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