Persuasive Essay On Virginia Tech School Shootings

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“Since ‘Sandy Hook’, there has been a school shooting, on average every week. How on earth can live with ourselves if we do nothing?” said Senator Chris Murphy. According to the statistics, there has been at least one school shooting since 2013. Even before that year a tragic event happened. According to the New York Times, the Virginia Tech School massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia polytechnic institute. This fatal murder shooting was perpetrated by a particular gunman, who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. Recently, at Umpqua College in Oregon, a mass shooting killed 10 people and injured 7 more. Also, other many crimes like robbery and sexual assaults are increasing in many colleges. Therefore, many students, professors and college staff members now fear for the future. For these reasons …show more content…
Colleges should have more security screening points on the main entrances of every building because it makes more efficient to control and maneuver inappropriate activities. College will be able to use the security videos because it helps for many things for example, security videos can identify criminal investigations. Also, it can monitor parking lots and theft. Presently, security cameras contribute enhances campus safety and protection of people and property. Virginia Common Wealth University is a good example that to use these technologies to prevent crimes. VCU President, DR. Michael Rao said, “[Security cameras] are really good at helping us figure out who shouldn’t be on campus and who is causing us problems. Once the word gets out that these surveillance mechanisms are there, a lot of [the criminal activity] stops.” Therefore, security cameras inside and outside their buildings, check identification cards more frequently to make sure who is entering and leaving and also to protect students, teachers, staff and visitors while they are on

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