Two Types Of Proactive Patrol

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How to conduct security patrols
Where and when is security patrols needed?
In modern times, security officers may be called on to perform duties that were previously considered to be functions for the law enforcement officers. The security officer’s jobs is now shifting from just sitting in a guard check and controlling the access of people to the factory. Security patrols are the bedrock of effective security operations. It is paramount to carry out the security patrols since it affords the guards the opportunity to optimize the protection services to the site of the client.
Patrols are mainly carried out with the aim of preventing property loss, damage and wade way potential intruders. Depending on the size of the area of operation that is
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Checking is important for the people who are in charge of the patrol since it makes communication is equally important to always ensure that everybody in the patrol checks in with you before you embark on the patrol. Communication devices like the walkie-talkies come in handy as they help ease communication during the patrol.

Uniformed and plain clothes
There exist two types of patrol namely proactive patrol and reactive patrol. The different types of patrol depend largely on the type of the situation.
Proactive patrol involves the officer on patrol wearing a uniform and may use a clearly marked security car to enhance his presence. The objective of wearing the uniform during the patrol is to be seen and become as conspicuous as possible during the patrol. This proactive patrol is designed to make potential crime as well as disturbances.
Reactive patrol on the other hand involves the officer on patrol trying to draw little attention to themselves .the patrol officers don on plain clothes in order to observe the situation without influencing the actions of the individuals making them better positioned to respond in a quick and appropriate manner to the situation.

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The purpose of mobile patrol is the coverage a wider area within a reasonable amount of time. Before performing the vehicle the car should be inspected to ensure the lights and safety equipment are in perfect working condition. The patrol should be conducted at low speeds to enable the officers to observe the patrol area thoroughly. The officers should investigate any suspicious activity that they come across. Whenever the officer on patrol leaves the car he should ensure they contact another officer to notify them of their location and nature of the stop. They should always ensure that hey turn off the vehicle and take the keys with them whenever they leave the

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