Examples Of Scarcity In School

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Scarcity in School
There was way too much to do with such little time. The assignments kept on piling on and on with no break and their was with just a constant pile of work waiting be finished. Scarcity in real time is something that is really hard to manage, especially when it comes to school. The constant piling of homework assignments that teacher’s issue is something that every high school student knows about and the pain of dealing with it. This is something that every person in high school dreads because of the stressful work load , fear of falling behind, and the fear of failing . Because of this there’s something that the author call “Lack of Slack”. In the book the word slack basically means time and how a lack of time can cause “Lack of Slack”. Since student are stuck doing homework or projects most of the time they will have no slack at all and because of that they start to neglect these assignments till the last possible minute. For example this is how I felt when I
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Scarcity is not just in our schoolwork. Its everywhere around us, the best example of scarcity is time. Time is something that is always being used and it is always something that everybody is running out of. I think that time is a great example especially in this situation because of the fact that I was receiving way too much work with such little time to do them and on top of that I was also procrastinating. Its not just in school where time is scarce, another good example would be the business world. That’s how I felt high school was especially for me because I felt like it was just a constant barrage of assignments just being thrown at me and not having enough time to do them but at the same time I would always procrastinate on them to create more slack for my self but always ending up tunneling through my work in the long

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