Importance Of Sales Documentation In Sales

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In our school-based business, our most important relationship is with our customer. We have many repeat customers and maintain a reputation of quality products and service is critical. We try to focus on a positive, friendly environment around our stands, in order to ensure that our customers feel appreciated and valued. We make sure that our employees always maintain a cheerful, helpful attitude. If there is a line, we work quickly and efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction. When we have time to visit with customers or ask questions about their personal lives we do. By celebrating community successes and personal triumphs we build relationships and a stronger customer base.
When possible we deliver larger orders for parents or the
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The majority of the time, this is simple because customers have clear expectations and a strong knowledge of our product offerings. However, there are times when they are not completely satisfied. We cannot resell items returned to us. In these situations, we must make an exchange to please the customer. Examples of this would be if a soda is flat, a candy bar was melted, or chili was cold. If this occurs, we apologize, and rectify the situation for the customer quickly and with a smile. Unfortunately, this shrinkage happens, though it does occur rarely.
Sales Documentation:
Sales documentation is important because it is critical for inventory management and sales forecasting. We rely on these records, combined with historical data, to make decisions about product orderings, product offerings, and staffing decisions
Pirate Concessions utilizes a cash register at each stand. This process tracks each transaction and produces a running tape for our records. We also can print summary reports at the end of every event. We do not routine offer customers a receipt. Most customers do not want a receipt, but we can print one. We have a sign visible which states will can provide a receipt upon

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