Importance Of Safety Rules In The Laboratory Lab

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Rules and instructions in the laboratory.

“Laboratory is place that uses unique rules and regulations for your own protection and also others protections. So it is a must to aware with that rules and obey them”.
 Before you entering the Lab you must read the PRACTICAL AND ITS PROCEDURE.
 Never work alone or without teachers supervision.
 Understand the hazards and symbols. (u must aware of that)
 Use proper safety protection before entering the lab (wear goggles for eyes,wear lab coat/apron, wear shoes and gloves )
 Long hair and loose clothing must be confined.
 Closed shoes with socks must be worn. Don’t wear naked foot shoes.
 Know the location and proper use of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, safety showers, eye wash devices
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A laboratory is a place that, provides controlled conditions in scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement that can be performed.( in a proper manner.) So it is very important to get to know about the safety in a lab and be aware with those safety methods. As young scientist it’s very useful to us to get to know about basic safety methods, rules and regulations and finally HOW TO MANAGE A SCIENCE LAB PROPERLY. Etc.

ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES- To be aware about safety precaution, safety symbols, and other necessary information, while working on chemical laboratory.

Common hazards and symbols
“In a laboratory common hazards and symbols are so important. The hazards and symbols will give the idea about the chemical/compound /matter / liquid / and also places and the things that we should do and not to do. So it is a must to know about these vital symbols” . 01 Fire and emergency exit. (if there is a FIRE in a lab this will show the path to leav the lab) 02 NO FOO OR DRINK. (you are not allowed to take any food or drink in a
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Laboratory emergency General emergency – if there is a emergency immediately tell your teacher / lab assistant.
 Call 119 for police emergency
 Fire and rescue 110

Evacuation procedure – all personnel are required to exit the building if the fire alarm sound.
 Quickly but calmly use the emergency exits to exit the building. Fires – pull the fire alarm

 Evacute the lab immediately and safty.

 Use the fire extinguisher to control the fire (if can/ CAN BE CONTROLLED)

 Call the fire and rescue (110) number and correctly give the location.

Smoke - If smoke is visible in the lab , DO NOT INVESTIGATE. Just take necessary actions.

 Pull a fire alarm.

 Chemical spills – every lab should have pre-existing plan and materials to clean up all spills that occur in the lab.

 All the chemicals should store in a proper manner and unique from others.

 All the chemicals should labeled and can able to understand properly.

 In general never assume vapors/gases do not exist , never touch without lack of personal protective equipment.

“In a LAB first aid may be required for situations where there has been exposure to a chemical via:

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