Importance Of Safety In Nursing

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1. Which K 's, S 's, and A 's (one each for Safety and Informatics) pertain to the care you provided to the patient/situation you have chosen? Why?
K (safety)- Describe best practices that promote patient and provider safety in the practice specialty. S (safety)- Communicate observations or concerns related to hazards and errors to patients, families, and the health care team. A (safety)- Value own role in reporting and preventing errors. During one of my preceptorships the facility 's policy on insulin administration was a concern of mine. The nurses were not required to have a second nurse sign off on the dosage of insulin that was being administered. All the insulin was kept in the same area, separated only by halls; it would be very easy to draw up a short acting instead of a long-acting if one was in a hurry. Best practice is to have a second nurse confirm the insulin dosage, it promotes patient safety and could save a patient 's life. During this rotation I observed a nurse administer a short-acting insulin without first checking the patient 's blood sugar; she stated: "I will check it later, I am sure it is in the 300 's". I was very uncomfortable with this practice and told my preceptor about the incident. This incident pertains
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What does it mean to you to "value vigilance" (QSEN Safety Attitude)? How can you demonstrate vigilance in your practice? To "value vigilance" for me means that we as healthcare workers need not only recognize the importance of being alert and watchful of potential patient harms but that this needs to be a standard of our behavior. I can demonstrate vigilance in my practice by following and helping improve protocols. I will intervene during situations that pose harm to patients or colleagues. I will stay current with hospital protocols and educate myself and others on these procedures.
4. What advantages does technology bring to healthcare? What might be some problems or limitations with the use of

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