The Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the high risk industry with more number of injuries and fatalities reported compared to other industries. The construction industry has also been performing poorly on health and safety of its employees.
In New Zealand, the construction sector is the sixth largest sector which employs 180,000 people. The Construction Sector Action Plan of 2011 suggests that the construction industry in New Zealand had the highest rate of fatal injury making it almost thrice the average of all other sectors. This rate rose in 2008 making the construction industry as largest contributor to work related accidents and deaths. The workers in construction industry are also facing illness and health related issues such as mesothelioma,
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In United States the concept of Prevention through design (PtD) was proposed by Prof. J. Hinze and J. Gambatese and its application came into practise in construction industry in 1990s which was one of the earliest theory to be introduced for safety in design. Later in 1985, International Labour Organization identified the need for construction safety and considered design professionals to be involved in the process. The ILO also forced the designers to incorporate safety during the design process(ILO, …show more content…
In United Kingdom’s construction industry the concept of safety in design has been in practise from decades. There were two regulations passed to ensure the health and safety management. The regulations were Construction (Design and Management) regulations 1994 and Construction (Health, Safety and welfare) regulations 1996.
The CDM regulations aimed at ensuring health, safety and welfare of all the key stakeholders involved in the project in throughout its lifecycle thereby reducing the accidents and ill health which used to occur in construction industry of United Kingdom. These rules were strictly enforced on all the key players involved in the construction project(Safety in Design in Construction 2006).
There have been lot of researches and studies on safety in design concept and researchers have developed lot of phrases to understand the concept of SiD. The different authors and committee have defined SiD with different perspectives over the time. They are as follows: Designing and Planning for Construction safety (DPfS), Design for construction safety(DfCS), Design for safety (DfS), Safety through Design, Prevention through Design(PtD), Design for construction safety and Construction Hazard Prevention through Design (CHPtD)(Taiebat & Ku,

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