Importance Of Safety In Construction Industry

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The construction industry is one of the high risk industry with more number of injuries and fatalities reported compared to other industries. The construction industry has also been performing poorly on health and safety of its employees.
In New Zealand, the construction sector is the sixth largest sector which employs 180,000 people. The Construction Sector Action Plan of 2011 suggests that the construction industry in New Zealand had the highest rate of fatal injury making it almost thrice the average of all other sectors. This rate rose in 2008 making the construction industry as largest contributor to work related accidents and deaths. The workers in construction industry are also facing illness and health related issues such as mesothelioma, asthma, asbestos and other lung diseases.
These facts suggests that the fatalities and illness of construction workers will affect their families and even economy. Hence there is a need of Safety in design (SiD) to reduce the construction related injuries and illness.
In order to ensure the Health and safety
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It reveals that decision taken during design process constitutes the deaths of construction workers. The study on construction industry in UK suggests that there was certain relation between decisions taken in design process and safety of construction(Behm, 2005).
The time/ safety influence curve was developed by Szymberski in 1997 to assess the most suitable time for consideration of safety in initial stage of the project involving conceptual, feasibility and preliminary design stage. This curve suggests us that construction safety will decline gradually from concept through start phases in construction project lifecycle.


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