Kingston's Acute Care Hospital: A Case Study

Lauren, you provided the group with a very well written post. As you mentioned, it is very important to understand and provide the clients with the population health promotion model with every interaction. In addition, the nurse and healthcare team need to create and maintain a safe environment for the client within every environment. Safety questions can be asked to identify if the client’s home is a safe environment. Therefore, an occupational therapist can make a home visit to observe the client’s safety in their home setting. In healthcare, it is very important to discover and analyze safety policies and practices of other agencies and units within Kingston’s acute care hospital to improve safety for the clients. On the neurology unit, the nurses use the falling star and behavioral magnetic symbols. As mentioned, it is very important to access documentation, communication within legal documents and look for the magnets that communicate to the nurse …show more content…
Many strategies could be used to protect clients while in the hospital and always put the safety of the client at first priority. An example of how the writer maintain safety within the hospital setting is by initially reading the kardexs and listens carefully to the previous nurse who was caring for the clients that he is taking into care. After prudently searching for safety communication, he goes to each individual clients to observe them and critical think about what client should be assessed first. He initially ensures that the bed is as low to the ground as it can go, bet alarms are on if needed, the correct bed rails are up and four-wheel walker is in a safe place. In addition, he ensures that clients are wearing non-slip socks are worn, call bell is within reach, light string is reachable and urinal is close by for the male clients your continent of

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