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Important Roman Structures One of the many important Roman structures is the Roman Colosseum. The Roman Colosseum is a well known ancient amphitheater that still stands today. It was built around 80 AD by Emperor Vespasian. The Colosseum has a circumference of 527 meters, a 156 to 198-meter diameter, and a four-story high wall. Underneath the Colosseum Domitian had a whole system of underground tunnels built. This required them to make things like ropes and pulleys to control the doors. The main material used to make such a grand amphitheater was stone travertine blocks. The Colosseum could hold around 50,000 people. Having the ability to hold so many people made it important to society because anyone from the lowest class to the highest class could go there. The architecture of the Roman Colosseum is still important today. The Colosseum attracts millions of people each year and is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in that area. Tourists are great for an …show more content…
The large temple or meeting place was finished during 125 CE and made while Trajan and Hadrian were emperors. The building has a large, rectangular porch with columns and the rest is a large circular shape. The porch and stairs leading up to it are made up of yellow marble, but the rest of the building is brick and concrete. Some other materials used were Aswan granite, Pentelic marble, and stucco. The inside consists of a dome ceiling to look outside, coffered ceiling, and grand entrance ways. Inside of the Pantheon there is also a lot of colored stones: like purple, grey, red, and yellow. It is unknown what the Pantheon’s original purpose really was, but it later served as a church. The Pantheon is no longer used for these reasons, but it still has a purpose in modern day Rome. It serves as a tomb for Italian Monarchy and brings many tourists to Rome to see the ancient building

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