Roller Coasters Essay

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Roller coasters are truly a work of art engineers must think hard about,if the ride will be fast enough to go past the obstacles if the passengers will remain safe at all time.Its fascinating history from where it originated from to how it got to its modern day form.To how it works,the physics it has to do the things it does really shows how complicated roller coasters can really be.What is the experience that one engineer had doing a project in a middle school classroom. The direct ancestors of roller coast­ers are monumental ice slides which are long, steep wooden­ slides covered in ice,that were popular in Russia in the 16th and 17th centuries.Although roller coasters are not known for using sleds they are known for using carts.This idea became when a few entrepreneurial Frenchmen brought their ideas to France.The warmer climate of France meant that the ice would melt, so the French started building waxed slides instead, eventually adding wheels to the sleds. In 1817 the Russian Mountains of Belleville became the first roller …show more content…
The force of gravity is a force which means that any work done by it does not change the mechanical energy of the carts. The normal force of the track pushing up on the cars is an external

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