Importance Of Road Safety Essay

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Road Safety Management
Every one of us are users of road. Since childhood this one facility has been with us in every day of our life. Road means in a different way for different people, it may be “a place of exploration, or pathway, or freedom, or emergency”. This is the one facility which helps us to see other places, people and often other culture. This facility is one of the oldest, to support transport, long before the seaways and the airways were identified. This was a facility to send messages, carry goods, visiting others and places and this also played a very vital role in the economic and cultural growth of the human being. As the roads stood by, the vehicles travelling on these roads evolves, from horses to motor cycles, chariots
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During the end of the 1970s, the Western governments finally reacted by introducing a new legislation which includes the speed limits and seat belsts. The effect was evidenced, the mortality rates in road accidents, were drastically reduced but not for a long time and again it started climbing. This is when the road safety departments were setup in these countries and with proper resources steps were taken to organize the road safety(source: Practical guide on road safety). Characteristics of the road safety management system
Road safety is vital and the importance of rod safety is recognized by every country. Just like having laws for production, civil structure, food, good and services, countries nowadays have specific procedures to ensure safer roads. In fact road safety is produces like any other goods or services.
The important characteristics of road safety as dealt by Bliss and Breen (2008), are
- Road safey is neutral to country structures and cultures.
- The production of the road safety is viewed as a management system with three
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The evolution of road safety management for results
Bliss (2004), in his study, observed from World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention (WHO, 2004) there is a positive shift in the high-income countries towards the road safety management. Considering the world as a whole and understanding that every country, whether they are high, middle or low-income countries, the need for proper road safety management is necessary. Since the 1950s there have been four significant phases of development, which have become progressively more ambitious in terms of the results desired.
Phase 1 - Focus on driver interventions.
Early 1950s and 60s were the dispersed and uncoordinated time for the road safety management where the road safety policy emphasise on the establishment of legislative rules for the driver (Koornstra et al, 2002), and blame on the road victims acted as a major impediment to appropriate authorities and re iterating their responsibilities in the event (Rumar, 1999). This can be considered as the early phase, where the road safety was not considered very serious and was just the beginning of

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