Respect For Law Enforcement Essay

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“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9) The law enforcement for my state and city are very important to me. We can grow respect for the law enforcement by having police officials visit schools, upholding more laws, by holding activities in our hometown, and by having people doing their part.
One way people can grow respect for the law enforcement is by having police officers visit schools. When the law enforcement visits children at school they can hold programs such as DARE and Safety Day. These organizations help children to be less afraid of policemen, when the police corps are just trying to help. Another thing we can do is hold projects, such as having people donate things and having activities where people can volunteer to
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Also as a civilization we should understand the real purpose of police officers. The real purpose of the law enforcement is to keep everyone safe and to help them make correct choices. The average person should follow the rules to make the policemen’s job easier. If we don’t follow the law there will be a lot of chaos going on in our community. The policemen also need to follow the rules. For example, the police staff shouldn’t speed, do drugs, drink alcohol, and even run through red lights unless they are after someone. Therefore, police corps also have to be law abiding. Policemen have to be accountable, so if there is an emergency the law enforcement can get to the site as fast as they need to. In addition to being accountable policemen have to be active. The law enforcement also has to be consistent and do as there boss says. Police officers have to be honest to their boss. Say there was a family member or someone that they knew that the policeman pulled over and decided to let go, the police staff needs to tell their boss. As a result, many citizens and police staff work together to obey the

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