Importance Of Resilience For Children

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Children are resilient and can adapt to change. Resiliency of a child is truly amazing to witness. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and overcome hardships. According to Trawick-Smith (2006), resilience is “a descriptor for children who are able to cope and develop in positive directions in spite of terrible circumstances in their lives.” (p.351). Unfortunately, for some children they face adversity early on in life and are at risk of vulnerability. A strong characteristic a child can show of resiliency is overcoming pain or fear. Trawick-Smith (2006), said that “many children are able to cope in spite of such atrocities while many, however, do o not survive intact.” (p.351). A child’s development is challenged …show more content…
Each strategy can be altered into the environment such as home life, school, neighborhood/community, and church. One way for an adult to promote resilience onto a child is to be loving and supportive. Children need to feel loved and wanted. It is important for a child to know they have a purpose. Also, as an adult we have to support children’s needs and help them pursue their goals. Guidance is important to children because they need to learn from older, experienced adults. According to Gartrell (2004), “teachers who practice guidance believe in the positive potential of children manifest through a dynamic process of development. Guidance means creating a positive learning environment for each child in the group.” (p.21). Another way to promote resilience is to foster positive attitudes. Giving a child a compliment will help them want to do and be good. We have to be models for our children and show them to be genuine and compassionate toward others. Our children are our …show more content…
“Memory, attention, and the other theories of the mind, understanding of how the mind works, have all been found to contribute to cognitive development.”( p.267). This theory emphasizes the role of language more fully. Trawick-Smith stated that “verbalization, both of the child and those of others are internalized and help guide a child in learning.” (p.267). These basic functions are the reason why children are resilient as well as the help from adults.
Therefore, children are resilient and can overcome any bump in the road they will endeavor in life. Resilience is important because it represents the ability to deal with life’s challenges in a positive and productive way. In order for a child to succeed in school and life, resilience is essential. Resilience is a lifelong skill that cannot be taken away from any individual. Lastly, with resilience comes growth and new

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