Importance Of Reputation In Pride And Prejudice

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Elizabeth Bennet, a character in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has a reputation as a beautiful girl who is intelligent and is raised from a family of five sisters. Her reputation comes from her family, in which she is mostly influenced on shaping her identity and who she really is. However, later in her life, her dignity and inherited reputation are changed by external influences. Fortunately, her change by external sources were positive. On the other hand, a celebrity, Britney Spears, had her reputation ruined through her drunkenness and lewd acts. These actions that she has brought upon herself have affected her and people who love her. Let alone, her actions led her to act like that, but she was genuinely a kind-hearted person, and …show more content…
His very little actions determined his image and people made his reputation by words. In other words, reputation might be a mere glance of a person’s characteristic. As shown in Darcy’s example, a person must be cautious about how he/she will be seen by other people. Otherwise, a person might gain a bad reputation easily, because reputation represents not who a person really is, but what other people think of the person and how external sources have impacted on him/her. Not only does the book Pride and Prejudice represent the message about reputation, but the real society also demonstrates the similar aspects of reputation.
Connecting reputation from the book to the real society, Government jobs in the United States needs to hold a certain reputation through the public, online, and in person. A person’s job position or status has to take time in order to gain its popularity/reputation, but it takes seconds to destroy their reputation completely. "The impact has been awful," Dietz said. "There is no one to protect businesses when people slam their name" (Jouvenal 2). Anthony Weiner who was mentioned in the introduction, was one of the most successful and one of the most youngest to be a politician. He had a very good

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