Importance Of Report Cards

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In elementary and middle school receiving my report card was something I dread the most. On top of that, I also dreaded getting the yellow envelope signed by my parents stating that they have received and gone through it. Seventh grade was the year that I have received my first “F”. For that reason, I did not want to hand my parent my report card. It was a Friday, I was in my homeroom and everyone there was eager to get their report card and then leave. On the other hand, I was sitting at my desk anxious and scared to go home. As the teacher, Ms. Dojillo, was calling each students name in alphabetical order, I knew that my name would come up soon. As Ms. Dojillo called “Nichols Don” I knew for a fact that my name will be the next one called. I suddenly heard my name “Vivian Duong”. I immediately stood up and walked as fast as I could towards her and took the envelope that contained my report card. As I was walking home, I was trying different ways to hide the report card. I suddenly realized that my parent does not know that I was receiving my report card today. I thought to myself, “I will …show more content…
They also told me that they did not care about my first fail, but they want me to put more effort in school. After that day, our conversation had made me realize that I should try harder at school. From that point on, I had cut back on how much I watch TV and also increased my time to do homework and study. I try not to rush myself to finish my homework because if i had rushed it, I would not have understand it. At times, when I do not understand the lesson I will try to Google it or watch some YouTube video that explains it. As a result, I started to get better grade in my classes especially in my history class. I began to get higher grade on my history test which were like an essay style. Therefore, I had started to receive a better grade in that class like a “C” which was better than a

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