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Rape and the Voice of Reason Rape is arguably one of the most devastating things a person can do to another human being. It’s an act that strips the victim of their autonomy and their humanity, treating them like nothing more than an object for the aggressor to enact their desires upon. In a study conducted using 900 women chosen at random, one in four of the women had been raped. (D.E.H.) Each year in the United States alone there is an average of 288,820 victims age 12 or older of reported rape and sexual assault. (Department of Justice) Keep in mind that those are just the cases that are reported; many people choose to not report for many different reasons, and often times people may not even realize they were assaulted at all because …show more content…
I also will propose a solution to this problem, in which I advocate for a Consent Culture to replace the rape culture often being perpetuated in Southern Dramas. These are large problems integral to the components of our society- this is not a problem that will go away quickly or easily, but with hard work we can make strides towards positive …show more content…
How can we shift the tide to move against rape culture? First and foremost, we need to start with ourselves. Unlearning rape culture is not a quick or an easy process, but it is absolutely necessary. Doing research, reading articles, and educating ourselves is the first step to unlearning. It is not a step to take only once, but to continuously take to make sure you’re in a conversation with yourself about your own misconceptions about consent and showing respect for boundaries. Rape culture affects us all- even if we’re not rapists ourselves, we likely have internalized elements of it and subsequently cross people’s boundaries and sometimes even our own. In addition to working on ourselves, unlearning rape culture can help us better support rape survivors. We need to learn what is helpful to say and what isn’t, how not to victim-blame, and supportive ways to show solidarity. Going to protests is one of those ways, but so is respecting people’s right to say “no” in every day situations like wanting to go out, for instance. In a broader sense of combatting rape culture in literature, we can also support writers who are rape survivors and give them a bigger platform to share their experiences and perspectives. And, of course, we can try to better represent rape and rape survivors in our own writing. Combatting rape culture is not easy, but it’s also not

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