Importance Of Quotations In Writing To Avoid Plagiarism

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Register to read the introduction… There are two types of quotations: direct quotes and block quotes. A direct quote is placed between quotation marks and contains fewer than 40 words. Direct quotations must be exactly like the work being quoted. Quotations are used when it is necessary to use the author’s exact words to maintain the meaning and effect of the passage. A blocked quote contains 40 or more words and is started on a new line. It should be indented one half of an inch from the left margin and double-spaced throughout the quote. Always cite at the end of the quote including the author(s), year, and the page or paragraph. In a direct quote the period comes after the citing, with a blocked quote the citing comes after the period (American Psychological Association, 2012). Quotations should be kept to a minimum and most times the instructor will limit the number of Quotations a student can use in one assignment. Written permission may be needed when using someone else’s work exactly as they wrote it or if you use long quotes. A writer must find out if written permission is needed to quote. The author can contact the publisher or the copyright owner (American Psychological Association, 2012). Paraphrasing is another way to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing is taking someone else’s idea and putting it in your own words. The key to paraphrasing is to use your own words without changing the meaning of the text. Even if the writer paraphrases, the author of the original work still has to be given credit for their work. Writing a summary is a better choice for covering long passages than paraphrasing (Trokyo & Hesse, …show more content…
The student may be denied readmission to the same program from which they received the academic dishonesty (LUO, 2011). As it has been made clear by research, plagiarism is a very serious academic infraction that can result in a student being dismissed from school and being legally charged with a crime. Although most students guilty of plagiarism didn’t plan to do it, there are many websites and programs that can be used by the student to assure that they are safe from the accusations of plagiarism. Some programs are free but there are others that a student must pay for in order to use their plagiarism checking services. Students can use the Safe Assign Link found on Liberty University Online Website.

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