Importance Of Purpose For Volunteering

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In order to get a better insight into who I am and what I do, there are a few things that I find important to me, and a few other reasons as to why I am applying for this grant. The main one of which, is volunteering. I not only find volunteering fun, but I have had a variety of experiences, from volunteering for a large for-profit or non-profit organization, or for local purposes which has expanded my view of volunteering. I was in a variety of clubs in high school as well, from academic, to music related. Even outside of those, I have been involved in martial arts for a few years, and a general reason for why I am applying is based on my financial need. Starting with volunteering, I began volunteering in middle school mainly for soup kitchens …show more content…
To be in Pi Sigma Pi, the teacher recognizes those who are outstanding in the Social Science Department where they are inducted into the club. In Warrior Strings we perform at local organizations like the Rotary and Kiwanis Club centers, and throughout the year we perform in the school’s Variety Show, Winter Concert, and Spring Concert, and that is all in addition to being a part of Symphonic Orchestra. In Math Team we compete in competitions around the suburbs of Chicago and if we do good enough individually or as a team, we are allowed to go to regionals, which I did as a Senior. In NHS, I was inducted as a Junior by meeting qualifications of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and character. In order to be accepted as a member I had to write an essay about how I was a leader, and I had to submit proof of service. Lastly, this past year as a Senior, I was an intern at a local Architecture and Engineering firm (KGH Architects and Engineers) where I was able to gain some work experience, use AutoCAD software, and narrow down my career options and see what I wanted to major in

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