Importance Of Public Transport In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a highly developed international metropolis. Also the business and trade activities in Hong Kong are very remarkable, and it is important financial, services and shipping center in the world.

With other high-developed city, the population density in Hong Kong is very high identically. Hong Kong land area almost thousand square kilometers, however it has 7 million people live in this small place. The population density is the second highest in the world. It is very overcrowding in Hong Kong.

In a densely populated city, the public transport is a considerable topic of society." How to help the people move to different place in this city effectively" is very important. This topic will affect the urban efficiency and gross domestic
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To compare with the comparison with other highly developed cities, the public transport usage in Hong Kong is very high.

To focus on the public transport users in Hong Kong, most of them were between grassroots to middle class peoples. In view of this, the public transport is very important for them and has become an indispensable part of the general public lives.

In fact, there are more than ten million passengers used public transports in Hong Kong every day. This data of traffic flow was counted the visitor. To compare with other city, which have similar economies of scale and land area, such as Singapore and Taipei, the Hong Kong public traffic flow is very high. When the public transport usage is high. It means the road traffic flow is high. It will bring some problem such as traffic congestion. To solve this problem, Hong Kong government advances the diversification of public transport services. It included railways, ferries, buses, minibuses, taxis and trams, etc. to reduce and balance the road traffic
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After a round of mergers and acquisitions, the Hong Kong railway system was solely operated by MTR company (Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway).

The Hong Kong railway network was covered overall Hong Kong land. It coved The Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Airport. It have nine railway lines, including Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line, Tung Chung Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, Disneyland Resort Line, East Rail, Ma On Shan Line and West Rail Line. For now, The MTR railway network total length of about 175 km, and it is expanding.

It have many benefit of railroad, it is safe, reliable, fast and comfortable. Also it has high carrying capacity and to compare with other transport, railroad journey times are punctual. Considering the above reasons, many of Hong Kong people will choose the railroad to their destinations. Also the fare of railway is not high, and it have different discount of student and aged. Railway in Hong Kong is use electricity be a power, it is good for environment. In view of those reason, the usage of railroad was very high, it was accounted for more than half of the Hong Kong public transport usage. You can see the railroad is the key part of Hong Kong public

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