Importance Of Public Interest Groups In Social Work

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Public interest groups play a key role in representative democracy and help to develop the political and social systems. They can achieve this through sharing mutual goals with democratic affairs and influencing political decisions. Public interest groups are also linked with the social work profession because they both function by working to better the lives of people, and eventually society as a whole. Politics and social work are closely related and both have a purpose in each other’s work.

Public interest groups are formed to promote a position on a particular issue in hopes of gaining interest from the public; the main focus of public interest groups is to help the people. By nature, a representative democracy is founded on the expression of public opinion and having the support of the majority, and public interest groups influence public opinion around certain issues. In
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Social work is defined as a profession whose primary concern is helping those in need, but it also focuses on promoting social change, problem solving and influencing the well-being of a community as a whole. Social work renders services by providing psychological-counselling, assistance and guidance. There are many goals social workers aim to achieve in order to enhance and better society. First, social workers work towards becoming capable of integrating values, skills and knowledge so that they can apply these techniques when working with families, individuals, communities, institutions, groups and organization. Another mind sight of social workers is to educate people of all ages to provide leadership, be exemplary, and to be informed and inform others about being a professional and competent human in society. Social work also prepares workers to engage in social activities

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