Importance Of Psychologists On Developmental Issues At A Young And Appropriate Age

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Importance of Doctors to Developmental Issues at a Young and Appropriate Age
According to Huberman, human development is a lifelong process from childhood through adolescence and eventually adulthood. The process of development varies among individuals of the same age. In some individuals, development is fast while to others development is slow. A doctor or a development professional should be consulted by parents and caregivers whenever concerns about a child’s development arise. When development issues arise doctors ought to be more alert for children when young and of appropriate age. When children with speech and learning disorders are tested at a young age, they become less vulnerable to disabilities later in life.
Doctors test children with learning and speech disabilities at a developed stage. Laxity in testing leads to children getting behind in school. The ability of children to communicate becomes difficult due to distorted speech. There is little or no comprehension by children with learning disorders. Better ways of curbing the disabilities are suggested when a diagnosis is done at a tender age to remedy the disorder. In summary, parents as custodian of their growing children, any signs of disability detected need to be reported to a health practitioner for earlier analysis. If parents have concerns about child development, they should visit a pediatrician for further evaluation (Shelov 527).
Shelov (333) argues that some children may have trouble learning the…

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