Importance Of Project Management In Software Industry

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It basically consists of two words,’ Project’ and ‘Management’. Project is the collection of related tasks and activities. A project is something that is properly planned out to accomplish or achieve results in favor of the company or firm. Whereas Management is completion of those tasks in that given amount of time, limited amount of money, etc…. To generalize it basically consists of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.
According to a research paper by Chandra Vijay Dubey on Project management in Software industry, he states the earlier being an important part of software industry. Rarely do you see a single person working on a project, a team is formed with people having expertise in related fields and thus a project is carried out. Author explains the importance or role of project management in 5 categories. First being the planning, most commonly clients have a rough idea of what they need as a final output, but they lack in the technical details that are supposed to be provided. Skilled and experienced managers reorganize incomplete or ambiguous requirements. Because in the planning state the main focus is on collecting the general requirements from the customers or
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Waterfall Model, after each phase is finished, the model proceeds to the next one and in the process detailed reviews are occurred before moving to the next phase. Spiral model, the main thing about this model is the risk management at the regular stages of development of the project. Rapid Application Development (R.A.D), the planning stage of the software developed with RAD is interleaved with writing the software itself. RAD includes methods like iterative development and software prototyping. Agile Development, Agile software development uses iterative and the continuous feedback development as the basis and advocates a people centric

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