Importance Of Professionalism In Education

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Teaching in a classroom takes a lot of courage as well as responsibilities. There are important factors that I need to be taken into consideration when performing the duties as a professional educator. For instance, (a) I have to conduct myself in a professional manner, (b) I need to acknowledge each student needs as well as (c) run a well managed classroom.
Not all students learn the same way. With this said, I make sure I assist each student in their learning, also it is my goal to build a professional relationship with parents, as well as the students. As a teacher, I should know how to support students to be successful learners in all aspects. Professionalism has to do with my attitude, behavior and communication towards
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With this in mind, I respect each student’s needs as well as learning styles. Working as an educator, it is important for me to monitor each child’s development and make each student feel part of the group. At the same time, when it comes to Individual Education Plan meetings, my intentions are to come prepared to meetings. It results in, me knowing what each child’s strengths, weaknesses are, along with recognizing, which strategies worked and which once did not meet student’s needs. To add to it, when I find out personal information about each student, as a professional educator, I will do my best to keep it confidential. Following this, I also need to show professionalism to each child’s parents. This can be done in different ways, for instance, I can email parents about their child’s progress in school, and I can set up parent teacher conferences, so they can talk to me in person. Another way, I can invite families to special school events to encourage the families to be involved in their child’s education and also, I encourage families to be involved in their child’s learning is by taking the time to volunteer in their child’s classroom. By following through with

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