Importance Of Professionalism In Human Resource Management

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Professionalism is important in its application towards the human resource frame and political frame. Professionalism requires maintaining pleasant and polite behavior toward your coworkers and bosses, some of whom you may not get along with. Not only is this important to value the human needs of your employees, I realized that maintaining good relations is important for the political frame. Good relations allow for better channels for bargaining and negotiating. For example, the case study on Anne Barreta shows how employee relations affect perceptions on promotions and career advancements. The maintenance of good relations is not restricted to coworkers and can also apply to your manager or boss. Professionalism with your manager requires finding a balance between treating him with enough authority and also treating him as a team-mate toward a common goal. The video on …show more content…
A good relationship with your boss or manager could improve employee morale and workplace satisfaction with regards to the human resource frame and could also provide a powerful ally with regards to the political frame. Furthermore, professionalism extends externally in relationships with consumers and members outside of the company. Professionalism provides a code of conduct that contributes to a good image of the company. The needs of the consumers can be met, and other company are more willing to conduct business with a company who follows established norms of conduct. Thus, professionalism is important in its application toward the human resource frame and political frame.

From my internship and UGIS W157, I realized that professionalism is quite contextual. Standards of professionalism change depending on the country, the type of career sector, and the industry itself. As stated in the lecture, professionalism may mean a stricter dress code in the government sector or more relaxed behavior in the

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