Importance Of Probability In Mathematics

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1. INTRODUCTION Probability has come to gain importance as a content area of Mathematics that students need to have experience with in order to be well-informed citizens since its study “can raise the level of sophistication at which a person interprets what he/she sees in ordinary life, in which theorems are scarce and uncertainty is everywhere” (Cambridge Conference on School Mathematics, 1963, p.70; as cited in Jones, 2004). Since “[T]here is perhaps no other branch of the mathematical sciences that is as important for all students, college bound or not, as probability and statistics” (Shaughnessy, 1992, p. 466, emphasis in original) and since misconceptions about probability are common among children, it is important that instruction …show more content…
Questionnaire for both teachers and learners will be used as an instrument to collect data. The purpose for learners’ questionnaire is for the researcher to identify and find out those difficulties encountered by the learners in understanding probability while the teachers’ questionnaire will also help the researcher to identify the challenges faced by the teachers in teaching probability to the learners and how these challenges can be addressed and probably solved.
Both learners’ and teachers’ questionnaire that will be administered will comprise enough information such as demographic information, contents related to probability which learners find difficult to understand and difficult for the teachers to teach, causes of these challenges, information about teachers’ professionalism in the content areas related to probability and yard stick measures and solutions to these difficulties. It will be inform of scaled items in which both the teachers and the learners will have to choose the correct answers as applicable to the questions that will be asked through the questionnaire by the

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