Surveillance: Consumer Privacy Bank

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Thesis:The concern about privacy on the Internet is becoming a real problem because the Internet makes people paranoid and stressed all the time while they are using this permanent memory bank that actually means the end of forgetting.Everything that you can do online or offline,now track you through the rest of your life and can easily come back to haunt you.This situation doesn’t give people any other chances about thinking the results of what they do on the Internet.
Reason 1) The Internet has more than you gave it.The services gather information about the users:use their location,search history and profile them to target advertisements to them.
1.a)While advertising companies
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This leads us to a more paranoid society. It’s not paranoia if they really are after you,though. Most of the network services publicly show that they go beyond limitation of privacy.People should shield their identities,in order to protect their personal data or their online activities …show more content…
Everything you put can be accessed by millions of people. Most of the private information about us is published by us.Now,if you upload a photo or video of yourself,check-in in a pub or download a music app you can be arrested or fired.Nobody is really safe.How couldn’t this make people paranoid about using the Net? Users are not only ones who are imagining about Internet stuff.There are lots of ideas and theories about Internet privacy.In ‘The Future of Reputation’ by Daniel J.Sloove,he says that: “Information that was once scattered, forgettable, and localized is becoming permanent and searchable. Ironically, the free flow of information threatens to undermine our freedom in the future.” The best thing that we have now is the most powerful threat for our lives. People become paranoid and stressed all the time and can’t take a step without considering the

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