Essay on Importance Of Preschool Programs On Schools

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Importance of Preschool Programs
The priority of preschool programs has become a national concern due to the establishments of public prekindergarten programs throughout all the states. The introduction of structured learning environments is the new focus of prekindergarten programs. The connections between early childhood programs and kindergarten programs are key elements in helping bridge the transition gap (Skouteris, Watson, & Lum, 2012). Parents sometimes only have vague ideas of what school readiness really is and how to promote it (Belfield, & Garcia, 2014). With or without parental involvement preschool provides have the potential to replace or complement school readiness (Belfield, & Garcia, 2014). The result of several studies have all concluded that educational preschool programs have resulted in greater parental awareness of what skills and knowledge their children should possess prior to kindergarten.
National Concerns
The national introduction of prekindergarten programs addresses readiness through a developmental “whole child” approach (Hatcher, Nuner, & Paulsel, 2012). National education has been working on aligning preschools with K-3 programs and standards. Since research has shown a larger majority of students do not have a successful transitions to kindergarten more initiatives are being developed (McIntyre, Eckert, Arbolino, Reed, & Fiese, 2014). The importance of promoting full day versus half day programs have become more popular along with the…

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