Interview Skills Analysis

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An important skill for every person to have is having good interview skills as a bad interview results in no job. Most young people dislike the whole interview process or don’t have the experience which can lead to the interview going wrong. Many schools and colleges help with this by offering mock interviews, tips and advice to help with this and give students the change to earn interview experience for the real thing. The work based learning module is basically a placement I had to acquire myself and take part in an interview to secure the placement in the Bangor Visitor Information Centre.
When preparing for an interview I always ensure that I have suitable and smart clothing chosen and that my appearance is neat and clean. This
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This again made me feel better and less nervous as the whole time I was there it was indeed more of a chat rather than an interview which I believe went well. I kept calm and answered any questions clearly and joined in with the discussion as there wasn’t that many questions for me to answer as it was a chat. We discussed the placement and what I would be doing, I was given examples of what past students did and what I would be able to achieve with this placement. I felt great with this type of interview as it didn’t feel like an interview and I could openly join in with the discussion.
Overall, I think the whole process was a good experience and the staff at the centre seemed as if they did want to take me on for a placement. It made me sure that I too wanted to take this placement because I was told what exactly I would be doing. This was my first interview that was more of a chat instead of being asked countless questions which was a shock at first but I think I reacted well to this type of interview. This was because I didn’t slouch in the chair, kept eye contact and smiled while laughing due to the
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I could do that by making sure I am relaxed, calm and engaged with the conversation as this will help to distract me from fiddling with anything. I should also ensure that my nails aren’t too long that they will break easily, which to will help with my presentation. This experience has taught me that I need to stop being so nervous when that will be the downfall in an interview and to ensure I present myself in a clean and smart manner.
The interview did go well apart from the amount of fiddling I do when I get nervous and had helped to improve my interview skills. During the interview I was told that the staff would be happy to help me improve in this area by doing a mock interview and going over my C.V, this is a great opportunity for the staff to give. Based on the skills I have now and I was able to get the placement were I will be able to learn new skills, develop new skills and develop as a

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