Importance Of Political Parties In Democracy

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"An educated, enlightened and informed population is one of the surest ways of promoting the health of a democracy." ~ Nelson Mandela, 6 October 2003.

Democracy is a system of government for the citizens to choose their leaders and to hold them accountable for their policies and demeanour in office. The saying “laws are made for the people by the people” is true as people vote for candidates who are elected representatives who's job it is to make law. If state and lawmakers are careful in identifyings societiy’s needs and problems, law should improve quality of life. The government’s foundation is in the consent of the governed. In a democracy, the citizens are sovereign which means they are the prime form of political authority. Power is
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By competing in elections parties offer citizens worthwhile options in governance, paths for political contribution, and options to shape their country’s future. Yet, in many countries, political parties disappoint in reacting to citizens’ problems and are thus broadly doubted by the public. When the citesens’ trust in political parties is undermined, the democratic process as whole suffers. In all sustainable democracies, the party system must be fundamental in the fabric of society. Political parties are a main key to any democracy. They are the means by which people come together to campaign, state their wants and needs, and state what they aspire for their community. Whilst there are political parties without democracy, there can be no democracy without political parties. When they function correctly , political parties cultivate common ideas within a notable group in order to place pressure upon the political system. Citizens may be divided over interests, rulers, or policies and political parties arrange these differences, which helps reach compromise. Additionally, political parties instruct and propose political leaders who will be component in governing society. political parties act as an intermediary role as they link the institution of government to societal groups. Political parties can support legislation and improve citizens’ interests. Also, by political parties partaking in in elections this allows the people …show more content…
They are as important milestone as having the right to vote and choosing which party you are in. Elections have been the normal tool of choosing an individual to hold public office since the seventeenth century. Yet elections were not always inclusive as they are today in the majority of countries. For example, women in the U.S could only vote through protest in the 1920’s and also, South Africa had it’s first all race election on 27th of April 1994. However, even though elections are key to democracies, there are varied ways of carrying out the election process.
One such process is the Single Member Plurality (SMP) which means that the candidate who gets the most votes is declared the winner. The U.S. and Great Britain use the SMP

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