How To Write A Preschool Observation

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For this observation, my main objective was how play influences social development, friendship formation and social interactions. This observation took place at the Brookhaven Head Start Center on February, 2016. In this group of preschoolers there was about an equal amount between boys and girls; to make a total of 20 preschoolers in the classroom setting. The very first thing I completed was observing them in the classroom during story time, station time and singing songs while they were dancing. This preschool classroom was small, filled with many detailed pictures and tables where they are assigned to sit at. First, it was time for the preschoolers to sing along and dance to songs they have been learning. These songs said certain commands …show more content…
In each station there was a task that needed to be accomplished. In the science station a girl used a magnifying glass to observe the characteristics of different insects; a ladybug, grasshopper, beetle and a bumble bee. Next, in the kitchen station 4 girls were pretending to bake a cake while one girl was carrying a baby doll and feeding it. Finally, in the painting and coloring station there was 4 boys and 4 girls painting and drawing pictures of their own choice. One of the boys began to throw the crayon on the floor and one girl was using her finger to paint on the sheet of paper instead of using a paint brush. After all the children went through each station it was finally story time. The bilingual teacher was ready to read a story to the children. As she called them to sit on the carpet, a few children stayed in their station and continued to play. While she was reading the story, she asked the children open ended questions to see if they were paying attention and see their understanding of the story. One boy started running around and pushing his classmate. The other teacher came and told them to sit down and listen to the

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