Why Are Planning Skills Important

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Planning skills are important to have because it will show to the company that you are able to plan tasks and also plan your time to make sure you are getting the job done to meet deadlines as missing deadlines could cost the company money. A job I found in the IT sector that is looking for planning skills is a systems engineer for Linux and Unix it is very important to them because they want to have minimum down time so this will require planning to do updates or anything necessary when there are less people or no using the operating system to perform the work, also they want you to plan system capacity for demanding periods of sales. http://www.vanrath.com/jobs/systems-engineer-linux-unix/

Organization skills are very important because you are showing the company that you are able to organize tasks for deadlines and to make sure that all tasks is completed correctly and to the highest standard, which can include replying to all emails and naming folders correctly, it will also be very important to keep up with the fast paced work. Also the more organized that you are will mean the more productive you can be which will be very important to employers. Also lack of organisation skills might result on loosing important work documents or forgetting
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Also an example of breaking health and safety procedures is cables hanging out people could trip over them and hurt themselves or could electrocute themselves. A lot of employers will look for health and safety training as it is very serious the Health and Safety Act 1974 which tries to make sure that the health and safety of the employees in the workplace will be safe and to a high standard where no one will be in danger or get hurt. A software developer might have wires or computers hanging or sitting around so they need to be careful that these do not cause a safety

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