Physical Education Research Paper

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Physical Education Should Be An Available Class In Schools
Nearly one in every three children in America are either overweight, or obese. The rates of childhood obesity have tripled in America. Many things, including obesity and restlessness, are affecting the way kids learn in class. Kids and even teenagers are forced to sit all day in their chairs, and it becomes harder for them to learn and bloom in the classroom. There is however, an obvious solution to fixing these problems. Physical education helps kids calm down, be healthy, and overall do better in their classroom. Physical education also helps with self confidence, and self esteem. Physical education is either mandatory, or nonexistent in schools. There are different views of how,
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According to Linda Ray, an award-winning journalist, students learn self-discipline by setting goals, working hard toward improvement, and putting in their full effort.The stereotype is that physical education classes are very competitive, that they force kids to either be winners or losers. That is however, often not the case. With the right teaching skills, physical education is a class that help kids become fit, and work together as a team. Kids love to feel valued or important. When they do, their self-esteem is skyrocketed giving them motivation, and giving them moments of positive growth. When kids have great self discipline and self confidence, absenteeism and drop-out rates plummet. If physical education was an available class in schools, kids would feel better about themselves, there would be lower dropout rates, and teamwork would be a widely known and appreciated …show more content…
Some think that because of high standards, students who aren't as athletic may not be able to compete at as high a level, and if they try to, that can lead to injury. Kids are insecure about their athletic abilities, and if they can not perform at the expected level, it can lead to inferiority complex. The problem with putting the blame on the standards is that it is a weak excuse. If a child has suffered injury because of PE, it is not the fault of PE, but the fault of either the instructor, or frankly, the child. The reason is obvious, it’s in the name. A physical education class should not be all physical, it is the teachers job to educate students how to get in shape, eat healthy, and exercise safely. Physical education stereotypes are wrong, and it’s time to stop blaming the physical education class, and start learning how to teach it correctly.
Some say say that physical education is also unfair. Some PE classes in schools are mandatory, students with disabilities, injuries or health problems that prevent them from participating in class are forced to sit on the sidelines, left out. Kids who are forced to sit out are vulnerable to bullies. Bullies do tend to strike on those who seem weak, or left out. As proven by much research, physical education classes build self discipline. If there are problem with bullies, it is probably because they have not learned discipline from either exercise or the

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