Importance Of Personal Responsibility

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Register to read the introduction… By not relying on anyone else to provide for them. Yes, I know that there are people that are willing to help my family. But I feel that if I don’t try do take care of them it can drive me nuts to worry about someone else doing it. But most importantly I have a family to support. Since I do have a family I have to look at all the situations that could possibly happen with every action we take. If either of use happen to end up losing our jobs it could be hard to find another, but I would take the responsibility and go find another one. I cannot rely on one just falling into their lap (even though that would be nice).The wait would drive me crazy. But like the commander stated in Personal Integrity article in the Marine Corp Gazette, “do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” No matter what we are doing, personal responsibility comes into effect. I believe if everyone takes responsibility for everything, others will look up to others even more. With that comes more respect and also a lot less

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