Importance Of Personal Learning Plan

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The SACE stage 1 subject of Personal Learning Plan (PLP) has played a prominent role in presenting me with the opportunity to plan out my future and to identify goals for my study, work and higher education. PLP is a compulsory SACE subject which is taught throughout year 10/11 in all schools in South Australia. The main focus of this course is to aid students with the exploration of the 5 SACE capabilities (Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work and Learning) and help them to plan their short term and long term personal and learning goals. This course also provides individuals with the opportunity to analyse their literacy, numeracy and ITC skills, as well as, to identify strategies for development in these areas. This Peer …show more content…
At the beginning of the year, I thought of the term skills and abilities as ‘a natural ability born and possessed by an individual’. After accomplishing my study on the ‘evaluation of skills and capabilities’, I learnt the true definition of the term ‘skills’ as ‘knowledge that humans can learn such as using a computer, mathematics and a foreign language etc.’, furthermore, the true definition of the term ‘abilities’ was suggested as ‘factors that we are naturally talented at’. Some of skills and capabilities that I possessed at the beginning of the year include –
 Participating in various sporting clubs and participating in various sports such as cricket and football.
 Playing percussion instruments such as drums and piano.
 Learning German as a third language.
 Acting effectively and efficiently in an event of
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In the present day, I believe I am concentrating hard in relation to getting my short term goals accomplished, rather than working on the long term goals. This is due to the fact that a short term goal is a goal, which is a desired result expected to due at the end of the year, whereas, a long term goal is an expected result which is due in the long term. Since the completion of my short term goal action plan, I have gained success on my first short term goal of “building up habits to complete all homework on time”. Accomplishing this goal has allowed me to complete all major assignments on time, as well as, it has allowed me to perform my daily duties at home more efficiently and effectively such as looking after m brothers. Completion of the goal setting task has also led me to success of my short term goal of “achieve my provisional 1 license”. Accomplishing this goal has allowed me to drive my car independently. At this instant, I am able to pick up my friends and drive with them to school. I am looking forward to achieve my third short term goal in the mid of January

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