Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Health Care

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There are many conditions that can affect a person’s capability to preserve their personal hygiene. Particularly the hospitalised patients or those who are bed bound became dependant on others like nursing staff to perform their hygienic needs. Hygiene is the circumstances or observes which are helpful in maintaining health and its preservations. Hygiene is personal care attempt by an individual for perseverance like overall body hygiene, toileting, grooming and bathing. Its highly personal stuff resolute by a person’s ethics and practices. Its core responsibility of the nurse to know what guidance regarding hygienic care patient require. Whenever patients become soiled, they may need help from nurse. To look after the patient’s basic hygienic …show more content…
At this point, there is no consent in the medical world that the satisfaction should be evaluated on the basis of quality of care. Many issues regarding patient satisfaction are moved to research and consistently improving. Patients are becoming more conscious about the quality of care they receive and at the providers are now coming up with more focused way at their end. At the same time the government has also become more involved in the health issues and supporting social workers or scientists for their research in improving health services.
Quality of care refers to the features and the criteria of the service provided. However the management needs to undertake with many activities to improve or to revaluate for consistent improvements. These activities can be dived into two segments. The interpersonal care and the technical care. Interpersonal care is health care that refers to communication and to minimise that communication gap between patient and nurse. To fulfil the patients’ health with quality as their satisfaction.
Technical care is the application of the science and the technology of medicine and of the other health sciences, to the management of other health
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Washing hands properly is one of the most significant thing one can do to control spreading infections. Good and proper hand hygiene minimise the risk of diseases like food poisoning, flu and those infections which passed from person to person. Hand hygiene is the fundamental component of health.
Personal hygiene is maintaining the body clean and to protect from extent of germs. Grooming is concerned about your hairs and finer nails. These activities include shaving, trimming, hair styling and painting fingernails. Keeping your health good also includes exercise, recreation opportunities, nutrition and sleep. There are many aspects that can help any individual to feel good and to look good. Feeling good and looking good is crucial for any individual to be healthy emotionally and

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