Importance Of Personal And Professional Ethics

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In our daily lives, personal and professional ethics play a significant role. To get a better understanding of what ethics really are, it is usually helpful to start with moralities. When we talk about moralities, these are the values and beliefs different individuals have to their commitments. Waking up to these beliefs and values everyday as they are the “principles” that administer us.
Ethical Theories/Models
If I were to be honest, before taking this class I did not believe that business ethics plays a significant. I believed an individual’s decision completely depends on his/her surroundings and personal ethics. Throughout the semester, I have found out that there exists a lot of ethical theories which provide help for one while concluding
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Many factors influence the ethical standards of different people and shape them to who they are, these factors include family, culture, internal reflection and as well as their undergraduate and graduate courses. I also believe that the Utilitarian Approach is a great ethical model to follow when making decisions as it caters for the joy of the whole society rather than just looking at personal profits.
Most importantly, I have understood that all accountants should have high ethical standards and understand the importance of the professional code of conduct. We must also be aware of the Conceptual Framework approach as different situations may give rise to certain consequences. Therefore, there is a need for safeguards to be in place in order to evaluate and minimize the threats. By just having one prominent code of conduct such as social responsibilities, over the long haul, an accountant can benefit his organization. I can only imagine what benefits can be there If all accountants will follow all of the Codes of Professional

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