Importance Of Patient Compliance

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Register to read the introduction… These obstructions are “(1) time, (2) low priority, (3) fear of the unknown, and (4) lack of companionship or support” (Murimi & Harpel, 2010). When schedule conflicts and time constraints create excuses, providers can offer night and weekend timeslots for appointments and educational seminars, thus improving compliance. Educational seminars can be very helpful for clients in addressing the importance of compliance and providing an opportunity to provide answers to the existing unknowns. Clients can be motivated as they engage in “fun activities” that teach them to see the importance of changing their lifestyle. When families are encouraged to attend and other incentives, such as free meals, are offered, patients are more likely to participate (Murimi & Harpel, …show more content…
The term “lifestyle change” implies what it actually means – a change in lifestyle, not a short-term fad or initiative. While it is important to address all of the issues, it is equally important not to overwhelm the patient in the process. An emphasis on a long-term continued improvement plan that gradually addresses bad habits – one at a time – is more desirable and effective than an approach that tries to eliminate all bad habits in a short period of time.
The proposed intervention for compliance would include several steps: (1) engage a physician in the process for testing and medication recommendation, (2) talk with the client and ask questions. Such questions might include the following: “do you see a problem; why is this problem; are there changes you want to make and what you see as holding you back? and (3) rank the issues that the client agrees need to change and develop a timeline for changing them. Goals would be set, and the focus would be on health and wellness rather than on rules and

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