Importance Of Paralegal

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Register to read the introduction… Frederick T. Golder, Professor at the Massachusetts School of Law, employment attorney, and Nancy Roney, legal assistant and former Co-Director of Continuing Education of the Massachusetts Paralegal Association agree that indeed paralegals should be licensed. Ms. Roney states that “Licensing would lead to the public's trust that (paralegals) have certain qualifications”and also Mr. Golder states that "Licensing can give people a certain level of comfort,". PAF President Johnna Philips during the Bar’s Midyear Meeting stated that she believe that “regulating paralegals will help protect the public”. And goes on to say that “Attorneys are charging their clients for paralegal time, and at least with some set of minimum standards the consuming public will have some measure of confidence that the person they are paying for is actually familiar with the legal system and some basic understanding of how different areas of the law interrelate to one another,”. …show more content…
A lot of associations are not in favor of making licensing paralegals mandatory. NALA and IMPA in an Article “Getting legal with paralegals “believes that “ mandatory regulatory programs may hinder the growth of the profession. It argues that such programs are costly to implement and may be translated into higher salaries and higher billing rates, which in turn will increase the cost of paralegal services”. IMPA goes on to argue that “Whether the paralegal regulation is voluntary or mandatory, lawyers are ultimately accountable for the work done by a paralegal under their supervision. Needless to say, lawyers must verify academic credentials and prior work history when considering a paralegal and must ensure that their paralegals are informed of changing laws and ethical

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