Importance Of Pak N Save

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Policies and strategies:-
Every supermarket has objective to sell more products each year and makes profit. The Pak n save also has developed may strategies and policies to sell their goods and make profit. It is well known as cut price of product to target more customers. They are targeting each gender and every age of people to sell their products. They have made many sectors in stores to encourage customer such as cosmetic, bakery, and frozen products etc.
Pak n save also makes gas station outside of every store. The other supermarkets don’t have facilities in their stores. This is also adequate strategies to targets their customers. They are providing fuel voucher or discount to their customer if they have shopped more than a hundred
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they are doing advertisement on foodstuff as well. Pak n save is having so many departments and they allocate the job for that specific department which helps their customers in their needs. Pak n save is having long process of job interviews having two rounds of interviews and after that they will selected by the management and get signed the contract for minimum 90 days and get start the training period of 2 weeks. Pak n save is paying their staff for the training session as well. Pak n save has experience staff to train their new employees in different position of jobs.
Pak n save is a big chain of retail business stores with having good customer service that helps to attract more customers. The customer comes in stores with different personalities and objective, so staff should always be in presentable position to help them. They should be having a helpdesk in each store so they can sort out every enquiry of their customer. The staff must greet their customer when they enter or exit from the store.
The staff should tell the customer about specification of products and help them to choice better product. They can be show the alternative product which has fewer prices. They staff should be respond and all the enquires of customer in less time and attend the entire customer as soon as
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They generally take overviews and meetings to get the criticisms from the customers so that they can think about nature of their administration level.
On the other hand, countdown doing something to change in the organization as indicated by the customer survey they do changes and attempt to improve their organization. They are usually doing standard meeting with their staffs in which they talk about the new objectives that they can use in their support to improve their administration. In the meeting they get more views from their staff that what they need to improve. There are some items in the store that always have the capacity to make guarantee whether their operators is giving association in the best possible way.

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