Importance Of Page Ranking

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Page ranking commonly known as PR is basically a ranking system (1-10) determining how much the search engine( specifically Google) trusts any given website quick way to reference what google thinks of your website.[9]
10 means google home page it knows it trust it it gives ita lot of credit
0 means news google doesn’t trust it no weight wont give it traffic either.
There are two types of Page Ranking.
Tool bar page rank ( commonly known heard and seen on your browser(firefox) guess estimate)
Actual Page Rank (never known- as we never know the real algorithm search engines use to rank websites)[9]
Hence we always have a rough idea of the page ranking algorithms used by Search Engines.
Your website gets a page
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If you don’t adhere by these protocols your site wont get an effective PR which instead would result in no views to your website causing it to be distinguished among the million of other websites
There are about 200+ factors that influence the page rank of your website and it is not possible for any of the websites to suffice these hundreds of factor, They are broadly categorized into
a) Onsite/Onpage/Internal Factors[6]
b) Offsite/Offpage/External Factors[6]
c) On Site Factors – They directly influence you page rank .Are in complete control of website owner.
d) Include many things that website owner should keep in mind crucial ones being
Domain/URL :
Any user which connects to a webpage has a small information i.e. Domain Name / URL.If it’s simple and justified gives Web Crawler to catch it easily, this can be exposed to a huge set of user.URL passed over different Site’s or Blogs gives huge traffic connected via them.For Example , user is trying to search “xyz” on Google websites having “xyz” in there URL or Domain will be listed like “” , “” , “” all of them will be listed but only according to their Page Rank.
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Keywords can be split into two words,
1. Key i.e. Important
2. Words i.e. Content, this combination make a Word in a Description of the content or a concept. Keywords may be like a Single word used to describe or refer to another concept. A spider crawling through the content make it simple i.e. will keep a track of this Keywords and search the content and use them while indexing.[2][3]

Rich Media Files- Images /Videos :
This Images or Videos should have a small description to make the Image or the Video to be understood in the context thought by the Sender. This again makes the life of a user to Search the Image at ease and fast. An Image or a Video should have a mandatory Keyword Passed next to it, this make the Crawler to catch hold of the Keyword as well as Index the Image at the same time. Also if an image is a copied one should give credit to the owner by placing a link to the image or respective page. Alt Tags that are for these rich media files should be optimized with some of the keywords, Anchor text both internal and

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