Importance Of Outlaw And Official Hero

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Outlaw and official heroes have always been an important part of American cinematic history. Robert B. Ray’s essay “The Thematic Paradigm” explains the importance of outlaw and official heroes in American cinematic culture. An example of a hero in American cinematic history is Iron Man(2008). The movie stars Robert Downey Jr. (Anthony Edwards “Tony” Stark), who is categorized as an outlaw hero, but also has traits of being an official hero. Ray explains the importance in aging, society and women, as well as politics and law when it comes to deciphering between outlaw and official heroes. The differences between these two heroes are what makes American cinematic history.
In Rays’ essay “The Thematic Paradigm” he compares outlaw and official heroes. He defines the battle between outlaw and official heroes as “the movies’ reconciliatory pattern concentrated on a single character magically embodying diametrically opposite traits” (450). This simply means that there has been two kinds of heroes throughout American cinematic history, the outlaw and official. There are three categories where the outlaw and official hero are different: aging, society and women, as well as politics and law. In aging the
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Stark lives in a mansion on a beach in Malibu, California; Ray states that, in regard to living within society that outlaw heroes seem to want "to escape; society" (453), and Stark shows that clearly. His living situation shows that he isn’t one with society- due to the fact that he secludes himself in his luxury home by the water (Iron Man). Stark is alone, and as Ray introduces an idea about outlaw heroes; “these heroes undertook this [escape from society] alone” (453). Stark doesn’t have anyone but Pepper Potts and his AI for his home Jarvis, and considers himself alone in the society (Iron Man). Stark is a great example of an outlaw hero in the ways of

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