Importance Of Organizational Psychology In An Organization

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Organizational Psychology Paper
When an unforeseen problem such as conflicts or low productivity arises with an organization, studies are needed to find the sources of such problems. The field of applied psychology can be beneficial to aid that company by, engaging in long term or short term research and statistics of the company’s problem. Also, to offer and describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations on a regular basis.
Define organizational psychology.
"Organizational psychology is the field of applied psychology focusing on human behavior in the workplace, as well as the behavior of organizations" (Organizational Psychology, 2015, para. 1). The workplace today is made up of different cultures and many diverse backgrounds of people, and because of this, employers and their employees must come together to understand each other to improve the organization. For example, how employees are interacting with their customers, employee’s interaction within the organization, and the interaction between employees and their employers. An organization might need the aid of organizational psychologist when they want to study how job roles are effect employee motivation, satisfaction, and how it is affecting the company.
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1). It can show cognitive biases within organizations when it comes to management decision-making. Such as pointing flaws in productivity and how it can be fixed. Offering suggestions on team building, in the form of bonding experiences, which can in turn increase Productivity. Such as, having a charity base program that groups and work together within the organization or outside of the organization. Also, organizational psychology can act as a mediation to resolving conflicts and to help to evaluate the

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