Importance Of Oil For Hair Care Essay

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Natural Oils for Hair Care
Beautiful, strong and long tresses are a dream of every woman. Every one dreams of the perfect hair with volume, luster, smoothness and strength. For men, there is nothing better than strong and healthy hair which can be styled in a multiple number of ways. Unfortunately, due to increasing pollution, poor diet, lack of nutrition and irregular eating habits have resulted in the type of hair, just as opposite. Hair, today, are more to become weak, dull and quality of your locks can lose their sheen and luster resulting in premature greying, dandruff, thinning and even early baldness.
Ayurveda believes in a holistic approach towards hair care. It exerts pressure on the importance of Ahara-Vihar which means a healthy
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It is advisable to apply warm almond oil on your hair at night followed by a warm water bath the next morning. Almond oil is also beneficial for curing hair loss and eliminates premature greying.
Sesame Oil
According to the ancient text of Ayurveda, Sesame oil is considered to be the king of oils. It has always been an ideal choice of ayurvedic monks to treat diseases related to hair and body. Apart from curing a number of physical ailments, sesame’s antifungal and antibacterial properties can help your hair stay fit against the damaging chlorine water. While it is safe for massaging babies, it infuses a sense of relaxation and can help you get rid of a headache instantly.
It is used for the treatment of kapha type hair which are thick and oily in nature. Application of sesame oil gives rise to black, shiny and deep rooted tresses. It helps fight against premature greying, hair fall, dandruff and baldness.
Amla Oil
Since centuries, amla has been an efficient tool in the treatment of hair and is known to make them healthy and robust. Indian gooseberry or amla is a bundle of vitamin C and antioxidant properties which makes it best suitable for hair

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