Importance Of Nutrients In Food

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There are five main nutrients in food:
1. Protein
2. Carbohydrates
3. Lipids
4. Minerals
5. Vitamins
Nutrients are part of a nutritious diet. It is important when trying to live a healthy lifestyle to get the correct balance of nutrients to say healthy. Nutrients are needed to build up and repair body tissue and cells that may become damaged or weakened. They help to maintain our vital organs and help keep our bones in working condition which helps strengthen us. Nutrients help provide energy and keep us fuelled for the day, the also help keep our bodies warm. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition can protect us from diseases. They can also help ensure our immune systems will be strong enough to fight any illnesses
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This means we need large amounts of this nutrient to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The human body uses protein to help repair and build up tissues in the body. Your hair and nails are made up of protein, it can also be used to make enzymes and hormone’s. Protein helps keep our bones and muscles strong and can help prevent our blood from clotting. Protein is the only nutrient out of the list above that cannot be stored in the body.
Protein is a key ingredient in an animals diet, protein is giving to animals for growth, maintenance, fertility and for food production (milk, beef, lamb and eggs). It is important to have the right amount of protein in an animal ration, if you don’t give an animal the right amount of protein it will have poor LWG and if it is a lactating animal it will be production very little milk and may stop producing milk altogether. Too much protein in the diet and the animal will convert this in fat or urea which is not what the farmer will want so he will lose money if he over feeds the animal with protein.
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Minerals are needed to help perform important functions of the body. They help build up our bones, muscles, teeth, skin, nerves and hair. Our bodies would not work properly if we didn’t get enough minerals. There are a number of different types of mineral we need and the amount we need of each mineral varies. Expecting mothers, the elderly and children will adjust their intake of mineral when they are sick, pregnant or growing as there body is working harder and therefore may run low on certain types of minerals.
Minerals help prevent severe illness in animals, the two main minerals needed are calcium and magnesium. It’s vital during the spring and autumn months that cattle are giving supplements of these minerals as they will get diseases like milk fever and grass tetany which if not treated in time which will lead to death. The reason the animals are low in these minerals is due to the increase in stress which can happen during or coming up to giving birth and weaning. They also help regulate the exchange of water and solutes within the animal’s body.

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