Importance Of Nursing Reflection

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It is important to find out how reflection is carried out as this is an essential constituent in human learning and development. Reflection is a complex cognitive activity where evidence is generated from own practice, which can then be applied into practice. To discuss, what kind of new learning is possible from reflection, literature related three models of reflections is reviewed. John Dewey (Dewey, 1933, as cited in Rolfe, 2011, p.34), an eminent educationalist and philosopher claimed that knowledge can be built through reflecting upon past and previous experiences. On the other hand, Habermas (Habermas, 1974, as cited in Rolfe, 2011, p.37) argued that knowledge can be constructed through the association of three domains while Kolb’s work (Kolb, 1984, cited in Rolfe, 2011, p.41) …show more content…
Likewise, emancipatory reflection equips nurses to contribute toward social and political changes though increased insight of knowledgeable consciousness. Thus, implications of this approach are that nurses can reflect on practice issues which results in improved assertiveness at work and patient care. (Taylor, Edwards, Holroyd and Unwin, 2005, p.236) While, Dewey and Habermas share a common feature that reflection leads to generate knowledge, a distinctive aspect is that Habermas work directed towards empowerment and political emancipation whereas, Dewey’s reflection points in ‘making sense of the world’ through education (Moon, J., 1999, p.15). Reflection is more than writing which can be maintained creatively, however, it is important to keep track reflection, so they can be processed to bring out insights, understanding which will eventually result in our progress as Reflective practitioners. (Taylor, B., 2010,

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