China's Nuclear Deterrence Strategy

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“Considering the post Cold War international relations, one may argue that “nuclear deterrence” is still relevant in promoting world peace”.
The post Cold War era indicates the period when the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 to the present. The nuclear deterrence strategy gained more prominence as a military strategy regarding the use of nuclear weapons during Cold War. Nuclear deterrence is a way to inhibit a country’s intended aggression moves by threatening a more powerful adversary with nuclear weapons. The objective of nuclear deterrence is to prevent war and maintaining nuclear arsenals for every nuclear state. Nuclear deterrence follows the basis of “first user” which are states have the privilege to utilize nuclear weapons for
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China has developed and produced a sea-based nuclear deterrence in the form of a JL-2 submarine –launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that will be deployed on the Type-094 Jin-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine during year 2000s. The primary purpose of ballistic missile submarine is nuclear deterrence and they uphold the threat of a second strike from United States as China experiences threatened with the use of nuclear weapons in Korean War 1950. North Korea leader Kim I1 Sung send a letter to Mao Zedong to request to send troops to assist North Korea on 1st October 1950. China make a decision to send troops to Peninsular by October 5. By October 19, China sending Chinese People’s Volunteers (in the folk spontaneous organization of volunteer identity, rather than China government sent regular army) entered the Korean War, respectively occupied Pyongyang and Seoul in the second and third campaign battle when United Sates was not under formal declaration of war, not to give the United States declared war on China to excuse, and to confuse the United States and United Nation forces. The General Assembly adopted resolution No 498, identified that the intervention of People’s Republic of China to Korea is “an act of aggression” by 1st February 1951. While People’s Republic of China declares that the United States …show more content…
North Korea launched a rocket which it claimed was carrying the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-2 satellite on 5 April 2009. North Korea has threatened to conduct the test when the UN Security Council adopted a presidential statement condemning the North Korea. North Korea is going to launch a nuclear test as UN Security Council did not apologize for the imposing sanctions on North Korea after it tested a rocket by April 5. Many other nations include United States denounced the test and they are opposed to the test. The White House announced a new diplomatic effort to restart stalled talk with North Korea about its nuclear program which less than three weeks and described that the test was in “blatant defiance” of the Security Council. The White House also claimed that the danger posed by North Korea is directly and recklessly challenging the international community. In my opinion, North Korea has fully utilize its nuclear weapons as an action to deter others when its country is being threatened or bully by some other countries. North Korea in doing so with a reason that it wants to maintain, protect or enhance their nuclear power in a more stable form.
As a conclusion, I propose that it is possible to form world peace which is absence of violence when countries have the ability to control, to maintain, to protect, or to enhance their nuclear

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