Importance Of Note-Taking In Criminal Investigation

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In our communities there are several of occasions when someone will have to step and take charge in their life. For instance, from time to time law enforcement officer’s often are put into tough situations and expected to make the right decisions when arriving at a crime scene, while some individuals claim that our law enforcement officers have to be perfect and others arguing that they are human and will make mistakes from time to time. Regardless one’s point of view, it is very clear that first responding officers are faced with difficult choices and should react and maintain control of the scene to the best of their ability. Once a crime has taken place a police officer is dispatched to that location in an attempt to control the situation, …show more content…
Note taking is a very important part during an investigation, as a matter of fact it is important in just about everything that has to do with gathering evidence and information. Note taking can consist of things such as the time officers arrived on scene, victims found on the scene, suspects founds on the scene, where were individuals found on scene, what each individual was wearing, location of evidence that was found, and even the distance that things are from each other. Taking notes of these things are important to a case because they provide a record of what was found on the scene and allows a better building foundation for the case. Note taking is indeed an important role for the first responding officer, but it is not the only thing worth taking a look …show more content…
But, one thing is clear. The safety of not only the first responder is important so to begin the duties of the first responder the correct action would be to ensure that the area is safe. Second would be to check for causalities and request medics if necessary. The third would have to be to secure the area and ensure that no unauthorized individuals may enter the crime scene. Then the rest would just depend on the location of the crime scene, fragile evidence, and note taking is throughout the whole

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