Are Naps Harmful Or Helpful

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Naps Helpful or Harmful
“A recent study linked napping to higher mortality!” said Markham Heid. Do you spend most of your day tired and lazy? Is there an overlying feeling of exhaustion that can only be cured with a nap? Do you not get a good night’s sleep because work or other stresses are keeping you awake, or can you simple not fall asleep? Well the day time desire to snooze may be riven by stress, insomnia, sleep apnea or a hundred other slumber-disrupting health conditions. If you’re spending a big chunk of your day feeling sleepy and out of sorts, then your desire to snooze may be riven by stress, insomnia, sleep apnea or a hundred other slumber-disrupting health conditions. Many doctors have argued the fact and fiction on whether or
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Other doctors argue strongly against any soft or shut eye during the day because of the health risks they cause. Yue Leng is one of the doctors against daytime naps. He states “Daytime napping is an early indicator underlying health issues.” He says that almost all of his patients who take naps have discovered that they have a health issue where drowsiness was a symptom. Mednick, a colleague of Lengs supports Lengs statement but is in favor of naps because it can help recognize health risks before they get to serious. Many arguments are made of how there are different types of naps. Also there are different types of nappers and reasons to why they nap. Some people need naps and some don’t. We are all different; some are good at napping some are not. This is why some people feel good after naps and why some do not. The rejuvenating factors of naps are described in two different ways; they either leave a person feeling refreshed or groggy and even more tired. Naps while can be rejuvenating also can be harmful if taken for long periods of time, too often, or when it can cause health problems. Naps are good for a quick reboot but they can cause problems in health because of …show more content…
Sleep can seem like something to help preventing getting sick but too much and at the wrong time can have negative effects in combatting illness and even death. “It seems a pretty harmless occupation, but taking an afternoon nap can knock years off your life” adds Pat Hagan. The biggest risks appear to be associated with lung diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia. “When researchers matched mortality rates with sleeping habits, they found the risk of death increased slightly by about 14 per cent in people who dozed less than an hour in the day. But peoples naps lasted more than an hour, the risks increased by 32 per cent” he continues. When scientists discovered that when they looked at causes of death, they found the chances of dying from a respiratory illness more than doubled if naps lasted over an hour. Many say that daytime napping might be a consequence of night-time sleep disturbance such as obstructive sleep apnea. "Epidemiological studies have shown that obstructive sleep apnea is independently linked to blockages (ischemia) of heart arteries, stroke, fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events, and all-cause mortality” says The Telegraph. There have been many speculations to why but many researchers have stated that it could be because of different types of inflammation triggered

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