Importance Of My Take On Leadership

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My take on leadership
In a competitive market, organisations can only thrive if they function as a well-oiled machine that is continuously being used to its greatest potential. Leadership is a function of management that is used to optimize the efficiency of subordinates at all levels, and to orientate the organization on the best path for the completion of its goals. It is clear that leadership and the success of an organization are directly related and one could say that without proper leadership, organizations would crumble. Blackberry was at the head of the game for a while, and it was perceived that it would continue to be for the years to come, however, due to an undisputable history of nepotism within the company, it sunk rapidly. The
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Throughout the course of my life, I have been in many situations where I have had to demonstrate leadership, and most situations were under abnormal pressure. I will provide two examples as to why I believe that self-confidence is the core principle within my leadership, one being in sports and the other in the military. Having played hockey for many years, I have been appointed captain more than once, and what served me most in leading my team in the pursuit of victory, was the belief that I had in myself, in terms of keeping my men motivated and focused even in the face of defeat and adversity. In one case, our AAA team had travelled all the way to Massachusetts in Boston for a very prestigious tournament. Being one of the few Canadian teams, we had a lot of wait on our shoulders to make a name for ourselves and to not have travelled all of this time to encounter defeat. We had fought our way into the finals and were down …show more content…
Being competent, is having the ability to complete a task efficiently, which is paramount for a self-confidence based leadership philosophy. An ineffective leader is someone who knows much about their occupation, however, little of themselves. Competence offers sense of rightful belonging, which cannot be achieved alone with this quality, there needs to be an even balance with an understanding and trust in one’s self as well. (Moore, n.d.) There needs to be a balance between self-confidence and competence because an effective leader is proficient at the task at hand, and has trust in their own judgement to execute decisions. Another strength that I have concerning leadership is my ability to think critically. The ability to think critically is to be able to properly analyse an issue in order to form an appropriate judgement. Critical thinking could act as a deterrence for decision making, often times overthinking prevents an response from occurring, however, I believe that it is due to my ability to see things from all angles, that I am able to be self-confident. Kerry Hoffman and Carolyn Elwin discuss the relationship between critical thinking and confidence in decision making; “…describe self-confidence as both trusting and using one’s own reasoning to support decision making. It would be reasonable to assume therefore that those nurses with good critical thinking ability would be more confident in

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